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Have You Been Injured on a Holland America Cruise?

Holland America, one of America’s oldest luxury cruise lines, has been transporting passengers for over 150 years. The company is known for providing passengers with an all-inclusive experience. Passengers are encouraged to enjoy exquisite cuisine, recreational activities, and entertainment throughout the duration of their cruise. Gala nights also allow attendees to dress up in their finest attire to enjoy a high-end dinner experience.

Unfortunately, the abundance of activities can also lead to an increased risk of injuries, illnesses, and other unpleasant events onboard cruise ships. These circumstances can quickly destroy vacation plans and could potentially result in serious damages.

Have you been injured on a Holland America Cruise? Passengers have a legal right to seek compensation if cruise ship negligence contributes to an accident onboard. 

Can I Sue Holland America Cruise Line for My Accident?

You may be entitled to sue Holland America Cruise line if any form of negligence contributed to your accident. These cases are handled by the federal government under an area of law known as maritime law. There are numerous forms of negligence that could occur on a cruise ship.

Examples of Cruise Ship Negligence:

You may be able to seek compensation even if outside factors contributed to the incident. However, there are certain situations in which you may not be entitled to compensation. For example, if you were intoxicated and fell down a well-lit and otherwise safe stairwell.

What Forms of Compensation Could Injured Cruise Ship Passengers Receive?

You may be entitled to seek several forms of compensation if you have been injured on a Holland American cruise ship. Which forms and amounts of compensation you are entitled to receive will depend on the unique circumstances involved in your case.

Compensation Could Include:

Reach out to a maritime personal injury lawyer to learn more about which forms of compensation that you may be entitled to receive. 

History of Accidents on Holland America Cruise Ships

Holland America has been transporting passengers all over the world for over 150 years. During this time, numerous incidents have occurred as a result of cruise line negligence. 

Accidental Injury

Cruise line operators have a responsibility to provide passengers with a reasonably safe environment. Unfortunately, ship operators often fail to maintain a safe, secure environment. 

Holland America has faced several lawsuits due to injuries caused by sliding doors onboard.  In 2015, an American passenger was awarded $21.5 million dollars after he was struck by a sliding door. The door struck the man’s head, resulting in serious brain damage, lifelong disability, and seizures. 


Assault is the last thing that many passengers expect to experience during a cruise. Unfortunately, these incidents are common on cruise ships, including physical and sexual assault. 

Holland America could be held liable for assaults that occur as a result of negligence. For example, poor lighting, a lack of security guards, and/or broken security cameras.

Catastrophic Accidents

Maritime law requires cruise ship operators to warn passengers of any potentially unsafe conditions. In 2022, a lawsuit was filed against Holland America Cruise Line when failure to warn passengers resulted in the death of 4 individuals. 

The incident occurred during a port excursion on Holland America’s Alaska Explorer Cruise on August 5th, 2021, with Southeast Aviation in Ketchikan. A floatplane carrying the four ship passengers crashed into a mountainside as a result of poor weather conditions. Families of the deceased passengers have filed a lawsuit against the cruise line for failure to warn passengers of previous incidents that had occurred.  

Can Holland America Cruise Ship Employees Sue for Injuries?

Yes. Employees on Holland America cruise ships may be entitled to seek compensation for injuries under maritime law. Workers are entitled to additional protections under several legal acts, including the Jones Act, Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, and the Death on the High Seas Act.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim with Holland America Cruise Line?

Cruise lines generally allow injured passengers up to 6 months to report the incident to headquarters. More detailed information can be obtained on your cruise ship boarding pass. However, the best way to build a strong personal injury case is to report the incident, file a claim, and seek legal representation immediately. 

What to Do If You Have Been Injured on a Holland America Cruise

Major cruise lines are notorious for protecting their own legal interests and often trick injured passengers into accepting liability. Utilize the following information to protect your own legal rights after an injury results in physical, emotional, and/or financial damages. 

1). Read Your Cruise Ship Ticket

Cruise ship tickets serve as a legal agreement between the passenger and the cruise line. Read your ticket carefully for any information related to cruise line liability. You may be entitled to file a claim against the cruise line, even if the ticket bars certain cases of liability.

2). Keep Records 

Keep records of any information that could be essential to your case. Take notes of any and all forms of correspondence between yourself and the cruise line, medical team, and the insurance company. 

3). Seek Medical Care on Land 

Seek medical care as soon as you return to land. Keep records of visit summaries, lab tests, reports, medical bills, and any other information related to your condition.

How Can iLawyerUp Help?

iLawyerUp has helped hundreds of injured cruise ship passengers and employees fight for their rights. Our team of specialized attorneys is experienced in the complex field of maritime law. We understand what it takes to build a strong case and we are happy to help injured passengers gather evidence to build a case against any major cruise line, including Holland America.

Reach out today for more information by calling (305) 900-4101. You can also fill out a form online to schedule a consultation with an experienced maritime lawyer.

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