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Have You Been Injured on a Carnival Corporation Cruise Ship?

Carnival Corporation continues to be a world leader in the cruise ship industry. The cruise agency boasts numerous well-known brands, including Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Holland America Seabourn, Cunard, AIDA, Costa, P&O United Kingdom, and P&O Australia. This equates to an expansive fleet of over 80 ships. 

Carnival Corporation also prides itself in providing sustainable travel. In fact, Costa Group, the top Carnival Corporation European Cruise Line, recently started testing the use of sustainable biofuels aboard one of their ships.

Environmentally conscious operations are just one of many regulations cruise line operators are required to maintain. In addition to environmental protections, Carnival Corporation is also responsible for providing passengers with a reasonably safe environment during their vacation. Unfortunately, many cruise ships fall short of meeting these standards and accidental injuries occur.  

Can I Sue Carnival Corporation Cruise Line for My Accident?

Have you recently been injured on a Carnival Corporation cruise? You may be entitled to sue Carnival Corporation if you have been injured as a result of negligence onboard. There are numerous forms of negligence that could occur. 

Examples of Cruise Ship Negligence:

In other words, any accident that could have been prevented through adequate safety, security, and other precautionary measures could be considered grounds for liability. However, there are situations in which Carnival Corporation may not be liable for your injuries. 

Cruise Ship Injuries that You Cannot Sue For:

What Forms of Compensation Could Injured Cruise Ship Passengers Receive?

Cruise ship accidents can leave victims with lingering injuries, emotional issues, and long-term financial damages. A Florida personal injury lawyer can help you develop a case to seek compensation for these damages. 

Compensation Could Include:

Injuries that occur offshore are managed under a different legal system and area known as maritime law. iLawyerUp employs a team of lawyers who specialize in this unique and complex area of law. Reach out today to allow a legal professional to build your case. 

History of Accidents on Carnival Corporation Cruise Ships

Carnival Corporation has experienced a slew of injury-causing accidents over the past several years. These injuries have included accident injury, serious illnesses, sexual assaults, and catastrophic accidents.


Illnesses are a common issue on cramped cruise ships. Pathogens travel and can infect numerous vacationers quickly. Travelers on the Ruby Princess, a ship under the Princess Cruises brand, discovered this unpleasant truth when 284 of the passengers and over 30 employees fell ill. The incident occurred in early 2023 and was believed to be attributed to a norovirus that affected the gastrointestinal system.

Sexual Assault

Physical and sexual assaults are common issues for passengers and cruise ship employees. Many people are unaware that these hazards exist until they become a victim of these crimes. 

34-year-old Paul Trotter, a child supervisor for Cunard Cruises, a Carnival Corporation brand, recently admitted to sexually assaulting over a dozen children onboard. Trotter was responsible for supervising children and organizing activities onboard the ship. He was arrested on 13 counts of sexual assault and the possession of child pornography. 

Sadly, these incidents are not uncommon and can affect men, women, and children who are traveling on any cruise line. In many cases, physical and sexual assaults could be considered negligence on behalf of the cruise line. For example, a lack of camera surveillance, poor lighting, and/or failure to screen job applicants plays a role in the incident. 

Catastrophic Accidents

Catastrophic accidents are incidents that result in widespread destruction, as well as serious and/or fatal injuries. Examples of catastrophic accidents could include fires, explosions, collisions, etc. 

In November 2018, Princess Cruise Lines was involved in yet another incident when a woman fell to death from a 14th-story balcony. The ship was en route to the South Caribbean Islands and was ruled as accidental. No charges were filed following the incident. 

Carnival Cruise Current fleet

Our extensive knowledge covers the full spectrum of Carnival Cruise Line’s fleet, which features diverse classes from the classic Fantasy to the innovative Excel class. Each ship is distinct, yet all share the potential for incidents that can impact passengers’ safety. This detailed list of our fleet outlines the specific attributes of each class, underscoring our commitment to understanding the environments where accidents may occur, helping us advocate effectively for our clients’ claims.

Current fleet:

Can Carnival Corporation Employees Sue for Injuries?

Cruise ship crew members who are injured on the job may be able to seek compensation for their injuries. These rights are protected under several employee protection acts, including the Jones Act, Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act, and the Death on the High Seas Act.

Reach out to iLawyerUp as soon as possible if you are a crewmember who has been injured on the job. Seamen may be entitled to additional protections under these acts, regardless of where the incident occurred. The Florida maritime personal injury lawyers at iLawyerUp specialize in representing injured crew members. Text 786-741-7533 for more information. 

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim with Carnival Corporation Cruise Line?

Generally, cruise line complaints must be made within 6 months of the incident in the state of the port’s headquarters. There is generally a 1-year statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit against the company. Each subgroup of Carnival Corporation may have different statutes, depending on each unique organization and its location. 

Check your cruise boarding pass for additional terms and conditions. You can also reach out to a maritime personal injury lawyer directly for assistance in navigating these complex processes

What to Do If You Have Been Injured on a Carnival Corporation Cruise

Carnival Corporation and its subsidiaries are not on your side. There are several things you can do to protect your legal rights to compensation after an injury. 

1). Report Your Accident to Ship Management

Report your accident to ship crew members and/or management as soon as possible. Comply with all requests, including visiting the infirmary onboard. However, do not admit guilt or sign any documents related to the incident. These documents could void your rights to file a lawsuit. 

2). Gather Evidence

Gather as much evidence as possible, including photos, videos, witness contact information, etc. This information could be essential for building the most effective case.

3). Seek Outside Medical Attention 

The ship’s medical team will work to protect the best interests of the cruise line. Visit an outside medical professional as soon as you return to land for a non-biased assessment. Obtain and secure all medical documents related to your case. 

4). Contact an Experienced Maritime Personal Injury Lawyer 

Maritime law is a complex legal field that requires specialized knowledge and experience. Contact a personal injury lawyer who has experience in fighting for compensation in these types of cases. 

iLawyerUp employs a team of experienced legal professionals who are not afraid to take on Carnival Corporation or its subsidiaries. Contact iLawyerUp today and allow a maritime lawyer to begin building your case. Call (305)900-4101 or fill out a form for a free consultation online. 

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