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Have You Been Injured on a Royal Caribbean Cruise?

Royal Caribbean provides travelers with the opportunity to book vacations to over 300 locations, including the Caribbean, Asia, and other premier destinations around the world. As the largest international cruise line in the world, Royal Caribbean boasts over two dozen luxurious cruise ships, including two brand new additions: Icon of the Seas and Wonder of the Seas. The agency offers short-term packages, involving weekend getaways to week-long excursions. 

Unfortunately, Royal Caribbean’s extensive fleet of water vessels also increases the incidence rate of illnesses and injuries onboard. 

Have you or a loved one recently been hurt while traveling with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line? Cruise ship injuries can result in long-term injuries, emotional trauma, and financial damages. Reach out to a maritime personal injury lawyer immediately if you or a loved one has been injured on a Royal Caribbean Cruise.

Can I Sue Royal Caribbean Cruise Line for My Accident?

Cruise ship operators have a legal responsibility to protect employees and passengers from all forms of preventable harm. Any level of care short of these standards could be considered negligence and may be grounds for liability.

There may also be several other parties involved in the incident that could potentially share liability. For example, another crew member or passenger. A maritime personal injury lawyer has throughout knowledge of maritime law and the provisions that protect American passengers who have been injured on international water. 

What Forms of Compensation Could Injured Cruise Ship Passengers Receive?

Any individual who is injured on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship as a result of negligence could be entitled to seek compensation for their injuries.

Compensation Could Include:

The specific types and amounts of your personal injury claim settlement will depend on the unique factors surrounding your case. Reach out to an experienced maritime lawyer to determine how much your case may be worth.

History of Accidents on Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships

In recent years, Royal Caribbean Cruise ships have been the site of countless accidental injuries, illnesses, and catastrophic events.

On January 3rd, 2023, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship was forced to make an emergency maneuver in an effort to reach an emergency raft spotted nearby. One passenger captured the aftermath of the emergency maneuver in a video that quickly went viral.  The hard turn caused one of the pools to topple over and create a six-story waterfall onto the deck below. 

Fortunately, no one was injured as a result of the accident, but this is not always the case. Harmony of the Seas carries a combined amount of over 600,000 gallons of water onboard. What if a passenger had been ejected from the pool during the incident? A fall from six stories would have most likely caused serious consequences, including life-threatening injuries. 

Falls from Heights 

Cruise Ship accidents happen quickly and can have devastating consequences. In 2019, a 25-year-old man fell from a height of 20 feet and sustained serious, life-changing injuries. The incident occurred during a featured recreational activity onboard Royal Caribbean’s ship named the Mariner of Seas. 

The attraction featured a trampoline that allowed passengers to jump and bounce to extreme heights. Royal Caribbean staff were responsible for protecting attraction seekers by attaching them to a secure harness. 

For unknown reasons, the harness snapped while the 25-year-old man was off the ground. This resulted in a fall from a height of over 20 feet. The man suffered from a broken pelvis and dislocated shoulder. He spent nine days in the hospital and underwent multiple surgeries. 

He immediately sought the representation of a maritime lawyer and is suing Royal Caribbean for over 10 million dollars


Royal Caribbean crew members are required to provide passengers with a clean, sanitary environment. Failure to abide by these standards could lead to serious illnesses onboard and quickly destroy vacation plans. Examples include contagious viral diseases, bacterial pathogens, and other illnesses. 


Cruise ships are overcrowded and often lack adequate security. Cruise ship operators need to ensure that adequate lighting and video surveillance are in use. Failure to do so could create unsafe conditions and significantly increase the risk of a physical or sexual assault onboard.

Port Excursions

Royal Caribbean cruise ships visit premier locations all over the world, including Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean Islands. During these adventures, there are generally an array of recreational activities available unique to each port. Many of these excursions are offered by independent contractors and are not endorsed by the cruise line. 

In recent news, a woman in her 50s was attacked and killed by a bull shark during a port excursion. The woman was a passenger on a Royal Caribbean ship. However, the activities were booked through an outside party and not endorsed by the cruise line. A knowledgeable Florida cruise ship lawyer can evaluate the circumstances surrounding your accident to determine liability. 

Catastrophic Accidents

There are numerous situations in which negligence can lead to catastrophic accidents at sea. These incidents can result in serious, and oftentimes fatal damages. Examples include, overboard accidents, fires, explosions, etc. 

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line?

The Royal Caribbean company headquarters is located in the Port of Miami. Injured passengers are required to file a complaint with the organization within six months of an accident. The sooner you file your complaint, the stronger your personal injury case could be. 

What to Do If You Have Been Injured on a Royal Caribbean Cruise

There are several things that you must prioritize in order to protect your legal rights after a cruise ship accident.

How Can iLawyerUp Help?

Choosing the best lawyer to handle your cruise ship personal injury case is crucial. An experienced Florida personal injury lawyer has the knowledge and resources to build a strong case.

The team at iLawyerUp is not afraid to take on major cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, or the insurance company.

iLawyerUp employs a team of experienced and qualified personal injury lawyers who specialize in these cases. Reach out today to learn more about how choosing the best lawyer could result in maximum compensation in your case.  Reach out to iLawyerUp today to get connected with an experienced maritime personal injury lawyer. Dial 305-900-4101 or fill out a form for a free consultation online

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